Tucker Carlson issues scathing statement in response to CNN reporter’s ‘disgusting’ story


The top Fox host issued a scathing statement Friday in response to a story Stelter published about the validity of claims Carlson made regarding the Antifa mob that gathered at his house last week.

In a statement provided through Fox News, Carlson told Stelter:

CNN has repeatedly defended Antifa, and you are doing it again now. Your story is a disgusting attempt to minimize an attack on my family and bring more pain to my wife and four children. I’m not playing along. I hope you’re ashamed of yourself. You should be.

Carlson issued his statement in response to Stelter’s story, which is titled: “Tucker Carlson claimed his door was ‘cracked’ by Antifa protesters. The police saw no sign of that.”

Liberal critics of Carlson have cast doubt on that claim by saying there was no evidence of damage to the door. They have accused him of lying and exaggerating to score political points. So CNN contacted the D.C. police and asked about the door. The police report about the incident did not mention any damage on the door. Was there any sign that it was cracked, as Carlson claimed? – READ MORE

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