Tucker Carlson Is Absolutely Right: Illegal Immigration Is Destroying The Environment


If He’s A Racist For Accurately Summarizing A Gao Report And Repeating What The Mayor Of Tijuana Said, Then The Word Racist Has Been Worn Out To The Point Of Meaning Nothing.

Recently, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson has been making the point that illegal immigration affects the environment in ways that environmentalists traditionally characterize as bad.

The examples he gives—a Government Accountability Office report identifying extensive environmental damage and endangered species “takings” caused by aliens crossing the border illegally, and quotes from the mayor of Tijuana discussing the mountains of trash the aliens leave everywhere—aren’t being covered by the leftist mainstream media. Instead, Carlson is being predictably and tediously trashed as a racist by “progressives” who never address the specific examples he gives.

They instead focus on how essential immigrants are for propping up (for the time being) the Ponzi scheme that is the welfare state and the positive effects immigrants have on the economy. It’s an intriguing flip from conventional wisdom: The left doesn’t want to talk about environmental problems that are tied directly to a specific policy that a majority of Americans want changed.

Progressives dodging the issue doesn’t mean Carlson is wrong, of course, but in my view he’s not going quite far enough. Illegal immigration does affect the environment negatively, but so does all mass immigration. – READ MORE

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