Tucker Carlson investigates the ‘obvious question’ no one can answer about Jeffrey Epstein


Jeffrey Epstein was famously rich, often referred to as a billionaire in news reports, but Tucker Carlson highlighted Monday that no one seems to be able to answer an obvious question: how much money does Epstein have and how did he make it?

“What did Jeffrey Epsten do for a living? Nobody seems to know,” he marveled, discussing Epstein’s murky background with Fox News and Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis, who said it was “driving her crazy” to hear Epstein called a “billionaire” hedge fund manager over and over.

“I’m like, what hedge fund? Where did this money come from? This has been the subject of a lot of mystery and curiosity for a while,” she explained, saying Epstein, who did not graduate from college, started as a Manhattan private school math teacher.


Epstein left to become an options trader at Bear Stearns after tutoring the son of one of the company’s executives, she noted. After he left the firm, he partnered with a man who would later be convicted in a $460 million Ponzi scheme. Epstein was accused of involvement, but never faced charges.

Francis said Epstein then moved his business to the U.S. Virgin Islands, where he was not required to disclose his assets or clients. She noted that Les Wexner, CEO of L Brands, which owns Victoria’s Secret, was Epstein’s only known client.

Wexner said in a letter to employees Monday that he cut ties with Epstein “nearly 12 years ago” and that he was unaware of his alleged criminal activity. Francis reported that Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse was “deeded over to him” by Wexner and he also received “hand-me-down” airplanes from Wexner.

“How bizarre is that?” Francis asked. – READ MORE

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