Trump’s White House Going After Congress’ Massive Spending Spree


President Donald Trump’s administration is going to roll out a recision package Monday that will claw back $11 billion from what Congress has already agreed to spend, a GOP aide told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

TheDCNF was the first to report on May 2 the president was looking to roll back $25 billion, but that figure changed later in the week.

The final $11 billion recision package is expected to touch mostly previously appropriated funds, like former President Barack Obama’s stimulus bill — funds from disaster relief bills no longer relevant (i.e., the area in question is no longer suffering from the effects of the disaster).

“While discussions are ongoing and the final number is still in flux, it’s important to note that this package will be the first in a series,” an administration official told TheDCNF.

There’s been a push on the part of some senators and congressmen not to repeal anything from the March 22 $1.3 trillion omnibus for fear they will be reneging on a commitment they’ve already made.

“I think there are members of Congress and leadership think that if they do that, they’d be going back on their word,” one House GOP aide told TheDCNF. “I know the administration is serious about rolling back spending.” – READ MORE

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