Trump’s Travel Ban Stopped More Than 2,000 People In Its First Month


Even though it was only in full operation for less than a month, Customs and Border Patrol agents, operating President Donald Trump’s executive order limiting travel from several countries known to provide material support to terror groups operating within their borders, stopped nearly 2,000 people for “secondary inspections.”

Of those, 447 were not lawful permanent residents of the United States. Around 150 of those individuals voluntarily returned to their home countries, according to Freedom of Information Act documents obtained by Buzzfeed News.

The Trump Administration has gone back and forth on whether lawful permanent residents were subject to the travel restrictions, which, at the time of the CBP documents, involved seven countries. According to the report, however, most of the people interdicted were, in fact, legally allowed to be in the United States. After a secondary screening, they were sent on their way. – READ MORE

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