Trump’s powerful proclamation for 9/11


Lest we forget, Monday is the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on America, which killed 2,977 people. President Trump has not forgotten, either in his official role or as a citizen.

He was in New York City that morning, witnessing the smoke and mayhem as the World Trade Center towers collapsed, 4.1 miles south of his home in midtown Manhattan. On the 15th anniversary of the attacks last year, Mr. Trump, then the Republican presidential nominee, observed the moment at the National September 11 Memorial as a presidential hopeful, just 58 days before he was to win the White House. This year, he has issued an official proclamation to mark the event.

“Throughout history, everyday Americans and first responders have done the extraordinary through selfless acts of patriotism, compassion, and uncommon courage. Not just in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, but across our great Nation, Americans on September 11, 2001, bound themselves together for the common good, saying with one voice that we will be neither scared nor defeated. The enemy attempted to tear at the fabric of our society by destroying our buildings and murdering our innocent, but our strength has not and will not waiver. Americans today remain steadfast in our commitment to liberty, to human dignity, and to one another,” Mr. Trump says in his proclamation recognizing Patriot’s Day — the official title for the anniversary, determined by a joint resolution of Congress approved weeks after the attacks. – READ MORE

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