Trump’s new guidelines: Get a job or volunteer if you want Medicaid


The Trump administration on Thursday said it would allow states to require that Medicaid enrollees hold a job, volunteer, or enroll in classes.

The provisions for people who receive government-funded medical coverage through Medicaid, which were not allowed under the Obama administration, are often dubbed “work requirements” and are being referred to by the administration as “community engagement.”

The guidelines would allow states to require that some Medicaid enrollees hold a job, participate in volunteer work, or enroll in classes or work training for a certain number of hours each week. States could choose to include caregiving for a disabled child or elderly adult as meeting the requirement.

“This is in response to proposals we are receiving from states. It is entirely optional for states,” Seema Verma, administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, said in a phone call with reporters Wednesday. “This is in no way a requirement.”

The guidance contains numerous exemptions, and states cannot enact programs until they are approved through a waiver by CMS. Medicaid recipients would not need to abide by the stipulations if they are elderly, disabled, children, or pregnant. It also allows states to determine that specific populations are medically frail, such as providing exemptions for people who are undergoing treatment for an opioid addiction. – READ MORE

New Mexico Health Connections, one of the four remaining nonprofit Obamacare Co-ops, did not inform its customers in June that it was insolvent and its entire board had resigned, The Daily Caller News Foundation has learned.

It also never told its customers the nonprofit paid its executives up to $450,000 in annual salaries.

The nonprofit, one of 24 Co-op’s originally set up under Obamacare, was supposed to provide affordable health insurance to individuals, predominantly low-income citizens. The demise of the New Mexico Co-op means that only three are fully functioning.

The New Mexico Co-op boasted extraordinarily high six figure salaries per year like many other failed Obamacare nonprofits, according to a DCNF review of its 2015 tax filing Form 990 with the Internal Revenue Service.

Dr. Martin Hickey, the nonprofit’s CEO, received a $450,000 salary, according to its 990. It is unclear what his compensation was in 2017 when the Co-op notified the state insurance superintendent it was insolvent.

All 12 of the nonprofit’s top staff received six-figure salaries, according to its tax filing. Joining Hickey was Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mark Epstein who received an annual salary of $413,000, Chief Operating Officer Anne Sapon who received $342,000, and Primary Care staffer Frances Torres who received $318,000. – READ MORE

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