Trump’s Christmas message to Democrats: Government shutdown will last ‘until we have a wall’


President Trump has a Christmas message for Democrats – the government is going to remain partially shut down “until we have a wall [or] fence.”

Trump, speaking to reporters Tuesday in the Oval Office during the fourth day of the impasse, also revealed that he will be going to the border in Texas for a “groundbreaking” ceremony for a portion of the project at the end of January.

“While we’re fighting over funding, we’re also building, and it’s my hope to have this done, completed, all 500 to 550 miles, to have it either renovated or brand new by Election Day,” he said.

Democrats, though, remain opposed to approving additional funding for a border wall as part of a new government spending package — and their hand only strengthens once the party takes control of the House next month. The White House warned over the weekend that the shutdown standoff could extend into the new year, and Trump on Tuesday made clear he’s not planning to budge either.

“I can’t tell you when the government is going to be open,” Trump said. “I can tell you it’s not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they want to call it.

“It’s a barrier from people pouring into our country,” he added. “It’s a barrier from drugs.” – READ MORE

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