Trump’s America First Agenda Wins Trade Dispute with United Arab Emirates


President Donald Trump’s State Department Will Reportedly Announce A New Trade Agreement With United Arab Emirates (Uae) On Monday, Scoring A Victory In A Trade Dispute Over Uae’s Subsidizing Its Two State-owned Airlines To The Detriment Of U.s. Airlines And Workers.

Breitbart News reported how several foreign nations – including the UAE – have been subsidizing their nation’s state-owned airlines to the tune of $52 billion, in violation of “Open Skies” executive agreements that those nations have with the United States. For the UAE, the two carriers are Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways. Those “Open Skies” trade agreements are designed to ensure free market competition between airlines, without government support.

The Trump administration acted on the issue after Breitbart News and other outlets brought the issue to light, with the State Department and Transportation Department pushing through an agreement that will protect U.S. workers and bolster America’s economy.

Sources close to the deal speaking exclusively with Breitbart News on condition of anonymity say that the United State and UAE are signing an agreement in private on Friday that will be announced on Monday, ending these subsidies and restoring a competitive environment for U.S.-based carriers. READ MORE

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