TRUMPONOMICS: 14 States Set Records For Low Unemployment Levels


We were told the economy would tank with President Donald Trump in office; instead, there’s been a noticeable economic boom thanks in large part to Trump-era deregulation and Republican-passed tax cuts. In fact, under the Trump economy, 14 states have hit record low unemployment levels.

As reported by The Hill, eight states hit new lows in unemployment levels in March: Hawaii at 2.1%, Idaho at 2.9%, Kentucky at 4.0%, Maine at 2.7%, Mississippi at 4.5%, Oregon at 4.1%, Wisconsin at 2.9%, and California at 4.1%. Moreover, Colorado has a low rate of 2.6%, North Dakota set a new low last year, and Texas hit a low of 3.9% in November. Tennessee also set a state record at 3.3% in January.

According to a new U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report, “The largest job gains occurred in California (+321,000), Texas (+294,100), and Florida (+173,100). The largest percentage gains occurred in Idaho and Utah (+3.3 percent each), followed by Nevada (+2.9 percent), according to the agency,” notes Newmax.

Average hourly earnings of non-farm employees rose to $26.82 in March, added The Hill. – READ MORE

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