TRUMPED UP– Mueller, Comey Under Fire For Key Roles in FBI Russian Spy Cover Up Scandal: New Book


US Special Counsel Robert Mueller and fired FBI Chief James Comey were key players in one of the largest Russian spy coverups in the history of the United States, according to FBI and Intel sources who contributed to Trumped Up, the new book by Thomas Paine and True Pundit.

Mueller and Comey — long-time friends and now players with key roles in the current Russia collusion investigation of President Donald Trump’s White House — worked in the Justice Department in the early 2000s that ultimately squelched the treasonous crimes and decades-long espionage of FBI chief-turned-Russian-spy Robert Hanssen. Mueller and Comey were among the highest ranking deputy attorneys general at Justice during the time of Hanssen’s conviction while Eric Holder was Acting Attorney General. Holder stepped down just two weeks before Hanssen was arrested and participated in the investigation and aftermath. Comey is now Mueller’s star witness in the current Trump probe which Mueller oversees.

Part investigative expose and part wisecracking satire, the explosive Trumped Up book from Paine & True Pundit steps beyond the FBI spy scandal and takes the reader on an amusing, and often alarming, roller coaster ride through the corrupt Deep State and provides a master class in ridicule aimed at the Big Media plot against the Trump White House.

Trumped Up masterfully takes the media’s own words — wraps them in razor-sharp humor — then slices, dices and repackages the media cabal’s collusion to turn the Deep State’s anti-Trump mission upside down.

From Amazon:

“Former Pulitzer Prize nominee Paine again proves a political-reporting virtuoso unveiling a literary genre of strategic redactions to brilliantly reverse the narrative against the White House. The technique proves genius and delivers a vicious upper cut to the hypocritical Mainstream Media while revealing the outrageous and alarming history of the Deep State players running point on the Trump Russia investigation.”

Paine had a front-row seat and an insider’s account of the Hanssen saga. He worked under Hanssen’s supervision on a number of classified FBI cases.

“The deal was to sweep what Hanssen did under the rug so that Americans would never know the damage to the country and who in the intelligence community was killed because of his double-agent spying,” Paine said. “Ironically, Hanssen conducted his subterfuge right under the noses of the Justice Department’s Mueller, Comey and Holder. Mueller and Comey helped negotiate Hanssen’s plea deal in return for his silence. Hanssen’s spying, it is believed, had at least three intelligence officers killed, likely more. This was a PR disaster and it had to go away quietly.”

Instead of facing the death penalty, Justice provided Hanssen with a full pension and life in prison. Hanssen was the third highest ranking FBI offical at the time of his arrest.

Mueller was promoted to FBI Director after overseeing Hanssen’s plea deal at the Justice Department. He was sworn in by the time Hanssen was sentenced. Hanssen, who used the spy alias “Ramone,” is serving life in Supermax Prison in Colorado. He is not permitted any contact with the media. Ever.

Paine said the Justice Department and FBI formed a team with CIA officials called the Hanssen Damage Assessment Team (HDAT) to make it appear like a thorough investigation into Hanssen’s 25 years of spying for Russia from inside the FBI was being investigated. But the internal probe was mostly a public show and never interviewed key witnesses or divulged details of missing intelligence assets, he said. It is widely believed Hanssen sold the identities of US intelligence and Russian operators to KGB handlers and many of the agents were killed or disappeared, Paine said.

And now, as Trumped Up openly questions: Mueller and Comey are the gatekeepers pulling the strings against President Trump in ironically, yet another shady Russian investigation?

“There should be a federal investigation by US Attorney Jeff Sessions into not only who was killed by the FBI spy’s Intel but what roles Mueller and Comey were involved in and if those roles overlap into today’s anti-Trump probe,” Paine said. “The same players who investigated a Russian double-agent spy working for the FBI are involved in investigating President Trump for Russia collusion now too? This is absurd. If nothing else, it is a flagrant conflict of interest.”

Sarcastically subtitled “The Ultimate Guide to The Deep State’s Evidence of President Trump’s Russia Collusion,” Trumped Up touches on the Hanssen cover up but also uses heavy doses of satire to drive its points home to the reader and whenever possible, employs humor to highlight the twisted high school drama play the Deep State’s probe and Big Media’s Russian narrative against President Trump has become.

But it is the comical and often enlightening sarcasm and banter truly keeps the reader smiling and spellbound throughout. Paine’s satirical use of emails from a wisecracking Russian KGB handler to the federal prison email account of convicted former FBI boss and Russian double agent Hanssen prove refreshingly entertaining while also shining a welcomed light into the corrupt corridors of the Deep State.

Trumped Up helps prove that the truth wrapped and delivered in perfect doses of humor can often be far more persuasive and enlightening than the partisan drivel of DC politicians, media pundits, and Deep State actors.

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