Trump Will Make ‘Major Legislative Push’ Ahead of Midterms to End ‘Dangerous Catch and Release’


President Trump Is Gearing Up To Push A Major Legislative Agenda This Summer Centered Around Ending The “catch And Release” Program, Which Allows Foreign Nationals To Be Released Into The U.s. While They Await Immigration And Asylum Hearings Through A Number Of Legal Loopholes And Weak Asylum Laws.

In an exclusive statement, White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley told Breitbart News:

The President is going to make a major legislative push this summer to have Congress close the dangerous catch-and-release loopholes in our immigration law.  These loopholes are exploited by illegal immigrants and put American lives at risk.

Congressional Democrats endanger public safety and national security because they oppose the Administration’s efforts to pass desperately needed legislative reforms to our immigration system.  These obstructionists continue to make it crystal clear to the American public that they put the interests of illegal immigrants and corporatist donors ahead of the needs of hundreds of millions of American citizens. [Emphasis added]

The Catch and Release program was thrown back into the forefront by a caravan of Central American asylum-seekers and border-crossers who have sought to use the country’s loose asylum laws to gain entry.

A source close to the administration told Breitbart News that Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short is leading the effort to officially end Catch and Release before the midterm elections and promote Trump’s “America First” immigration agenda. Trump, as Breitbart News reported, has signaled that he is dedicated to his popular immigration initiative despite attempts by the Republican establishment to push him away from the wage-boosting effort and towards promoting the less influential issue of tax reform. – READ MORE

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