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    Trump Was Right: Report Shows Terror Levels At All-Time High In U.K.


    President Donald Trump responded to a rebuke from British Prime Minister Theresa May for his controversial “anti-Muslim” tweet by saying the United Kingdom needs to focus its energy on “the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom.” A new report validates Trump’s concerns.

    The British newspaper The Guardian released a new report on Wednesday that validated Trump’s shot at May as figures show that the U.K. has an unprecedented Islamic terrorism problem.

    In late August, Europe’s top anti-terrorism expert, Giles de Kerchove, said that “the U.K. is home to an estimated 35,000 Islamic extremists — more than any other country in Europe.”

    The terrorism threat in the U.K. is so severe that Kerchove said there are approximately 500 Islamic extremists that are under “constant and special attention” from MI5, the U.K.’s domestic counter-intelligence and security agency.

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