Trump Voters Double Down On Support, Tell CNN They Don’t Mind Confederate Statues (VIDEO)


A panel of Trump voters doubled down on supporting the president during CNN’s second segment questioning the group on Trump’s policies, his fight against the mainstream media and what to do about Confederate statues in public places.

“I’m not even really affected by it,” panelist Daphne Goggins, a black American, responded to “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota when asked  if she was offended by the presence of Confederate statues. “Where are we going to stop? MLK? I mean everybody’s fair game. Rocky. Every statute has an issue I guarantee you.”

Camerota interviewed the same group of Trump voters Wednesday as part of CNN’s “Pulse of the People” segment. Five of six panelists felt Confederate statues should not be removed during the Thursday segment, with one panelist saying it should be left up to the city to decide what to do with them.

Trump supporter Bobby Viera said just because someone died on the Confederate side doesn’t mean they weren’t Americans.

“The Civil War is considered the war that has the most American casualties in history. That’s because both sides were considered Americans … Not traitors. Not the other side,” he said.

Trump voter L.A. Key was also worried about a slippery slope, citing how American money has slaveowners printed on the front, yet people continue to use it without protest.

“Do we go beyond statues? Because look at our money. take out your wallet. We have dead presidents that had slaves all over our money,” Key said. “Where do we stop taking down monuments, pictures, representations of our history and our past,” she said.

Camerota asked the panel about President Donald Trump’s progress and they unanimously agreed Trump was moving forward in rolling back Obama-era policies, and felt the media was purposely distracting from Trump’s agenda, causing him to play defense.

Camerota and her co-host Chris Cuomo discussed the panel’s answers and Cuomo said, “I think you have a fundamental problem with this group of people with the difference between fact versus feeling. What they feel is true versus what is actually true.”

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