Trump: US Would Be ‘Closed up for a Couple of Years’ If Fauci Had His Way


President Donald Trump believes the United States would be closed for a prolonged period of time if infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci had his way.

On Friday, Trump sat down for an interview with “Barstool Sports” host Dave Portnoy where he discussed the pandemic and his relationship with Fauci.

The president insists they have an amicable working relationship despite their disagreements on certain aspects regarding the pandemic.

“He’s actually a very nice guy. We don’t always agree on everything,” Trump said. “He’d like to do things that I don’t like to do, but ultimately I make the decision.”

Portnoy insisted he has taken an interest in day-trading “because every time [Fauci] talks and says the country should stay inside my stocks tank, so I don’t like that aspect of it.”

Trump went on to suggest Fauci would like to approach combating the spread of the virus by closing the country “for a couple of years.”

“Well, he’d like to see it closed up for a couple of years,” the president said. “But that’s okay because I’m president. So I’ll say, ‘Well, I appreciate your opinion, now give me another opinion, somebody please.’” – READ MORE

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