Trump Unloads On LeBron James: ‘His RACIST Rants Are Divisive, Nasty, Insulting, And Demeaning’


Former President Donald Trump unloaded on NBA star LeBron James on Thursday after James tweeted out a photo this week targeting a police officer who saved a black girl from being stabbed.

“LeBron James should focus on basketball rather than presiding over the destruction of the NBA, which has just recorded the lowest television RATINGS, by far, in the long and distinguished history of the League,” Trump said. “His RACIST rants are divisive, nasty, insulting, and demeaning. He may be a great basketball player, but he is doing nothing to bring our Country together!”

Trump’s comments bashing James, who is a left-wing Democrat activist, comes after James faced intense backlash this week after he tweeted the photograph of the police officer, writing, “YOU’RE NEXT” with an emoji of an hourglass, a symbol that signifies that time is running out.

Outrage over James’ tweet was so severe that he deleted the tweet less than two hours after posting it and released a statement over the incident, but did not apologize for his actions.- READ MORE

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