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Trump Transition Member: President-Elect Believes In Reagan’s ‘Peace Through Strength’


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The Trump revolution is like the Reagan revolution in that both leaders connected with the average American and in November those Americans went out and voted for the first time since Reagan, transition team member Becky Norton Dunlop toldBreitbart Jerusalem at a conservative summit held Monday in Jerusalem.

“I travel around the country a lot and see people who say ‘we have to save our country,’ and they went out and voted for the first time since Reagan,” Norton Dunlop said at the Jerusalem Leaders Summit at the Waldorf Astoria in Jerusalem.

The media has been rife with comparisons between Trump and Reagan for a host of reasons (apart from their rhyming first names) that include their age, shared background in the entertainment sphere, and the fact that both lagged behind in the polls in the final weeks of the presidential race. – READ MORE

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