Trump Tower Starbucks Makes 33 Percent More Than Typical Location


The Starbucks located in Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan makes the popular coffee retail chain 33 percent more than typical Starbucks coffee shops, but critics of President Trump want Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz to relocate the profitable location, Crain’s New York reports.

Similarly, Niketown, which is also located in Trump Tower, has been pressured by opponents of the president to leave the location.

Schultz expressed his discomfort about Trump’s remarks about “blaming both sides” when talking about the violent events that unfolded in Charlottesville, Va.

However, moving the location is not an easy decision, given the tourist attraction Trump Tower has become since the start of his campaign.

According to Crain’s, the average Starbucks location sells 66 cups of coffee per hour. That comes out to $4,000 a day and generates about $1.6 million each year. The Starbucks location at Trump Tower brings in $2.1 million annually. One barista pointed out that the Trump Tower site serves about 100 cups of coffee per hour at peak periods.

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