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Trump Taps Putin As Stealth Military Ally; Russian Air Force Joins U.S. Strikes Targeting Critical ISIS Strongholds


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The Cold War just got very warm. For the first time in decades, the United States and Russia are working together as military allies, teaming to attack and destroy ISIS strongholds in Syria and Iraq, according to military intelligence officials who spoke to True Pundit.

President Donald Trump and new Defense Secretary James Mattis have etched an informal joint military agreement with Russian intelligence and the country’s air force apparatus to share the military and financial load of destroying ISIS targets.

Under President Trump, Russia has quietly and quickly become a military ally of the United States, intelligence sources confirmed. Since his inauguration less than a week ago, U.S. and Russian drones and bombers have collaborated on a number of sorties in the Middle East pinpointing ISIS strongholds.

This is a drastic 180-degree turn from the previous White House administration who viewed Russia as its traditional Cold War-type enemy. In fact, as True Pundit reported earlier this week, President Barack Obama refused to strike high-ranking ISIS assets in Iraq and Syria for more than a year despite regular pleading from the CIA and DIA personnel to act on definitive intelligence.

Newly minted President Trump, to the delight of defense analysts, gave new Defense Secretary Mattis the green light to wage more than 30 attacks on these same ISIS targets on Saturday, according to intelligence insiders.

What Obama had ignored since early 2016, Trump took action on in his first 24 hours as president.

For more than a year, U.S. intelligence insiders grew increasingly concerned why Obama refused to use military force against proven ISIS outposts in Raqqa, the terrorist group’s de facto capital. That growing frustration was squelched Saturday when U.S forces used drones and bombers to rain down 22 strikes in Raqqa, destroying two bomb factories, and more than a dozen tactical units, intelligence officials said, as well as a coveted ISIS headquarters. Also included in the military strike, U.S. officials said the attacks damaged oil wells ISIS used to fund its terror operation.

Similar strikes were waged in Iraq where ISIS forces suffered severe casualties in the outposts of Rutba, Beiji, Kisik, Tal Afar and Mosul.

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