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Trump Slams ‘Grifter’ Hillary Clinton: ‘She Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Run’


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump joined “Fox and Friends” to talk about the Clinton Foundation and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton effectively blaming former Secretary of State Colin Powell for the fact she used a private email server while serving as his successor.

Steve Doocy asked Trump what recent actions by the Clinton Foundation could be considered illegal.

“Well, I think it’s been really well-documented in [Peter Schweizer’s ‘Clinton Cash’] book … If you look at it, it’s pay-for-play. So many things happen—money is paid [to the foundation], then all of a sudden, lots of good things happen [for the donor].”

“I say shut it down,” Trump said. “With the email [investigation] and the crimes she’s committed, she shouldn’t be allowed to run for president.” – READ MORE

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