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Trump Should Skip Beltway Media


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Donald Trump didn’t just beat Hillary Clinton, he also defeated the left-wing news media—by exposing its prejudices and taking his case directly to the American people. He can continue this success into his presidency by modernizing the flow of news and disintermediating the elitist Beltway press.

To say that the media is biased and deceitful is to say that the sun rises in the east—a truism that is apparent to the vast majority of Americans, of whom only 32 percent have “a great deal” or even just “a fair amount” of trust in the media according to Gallup.

That small amount of trust has probably declined since the poll was taken in September. Subsequently, Wikileaks revealed that a CNN employee tipped off the Clinton campaign about multiple presidential debate questions. An ABC News moderator, Martha Raddatz, jumped into a debate on behalf of Clinton. The Atlantic, which supposedly has a “moderate worldview,” ran a story asking, “Why is Hillary Clinton So Widely Loved?” And CNN senior media reporter Dylan Byers defended media bias outright, approvingly quoting a delusional but revealing former NPR boss who said, “Journalists have been unburdened from their adherence to blanket neutrality that we lived with before Trump came along.”

Since the election, the media has had much to say about “fake news,” and remarkably isn’t referring to their own anti-Trump product. The Washington Post’s big story about supposed Russian propaganda and fake news has turned out to be fake news itself. – READ MORE

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