Trump Sent $10K to a Father With Cancer — Now His Son Just Got Another Huge Gift in the Mail


Shane Bouvet, a former Trump campaign volunteer, found himself in a tough situation when his father, Donald, was undergoing chemotherapy and hospital bills were adding up.

After putting his father on the phone with the president and taking several pictures, Bouvet was on his way out when Trump requested that a $10,000 check be written to help pay for his father’s hospital bills.

One year later, Trump invited Shane and his father to the White House where he expressed his gratitude for the family’s work on his campaign.

During their meeting, Trump promised he’d send another check for $5,000 to Bouvet for doing the right thing by using the money to help his father.

Just days after leaving the White House, Shane and Donald received the check in the mail from Trump along with a note that said:

Shane, enclosed you will find a personal check from President Trump. The President is with you and your father 100%! READ MORE

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