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Trump sells tax plan in Pennsylvania: ‘Rocket fuel for our economy’


Says Democrats ‘forgot to mention’ the proposed expansion of the zero tax bracket

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. — President Trump promised an audience packed with truckers Wednesday that tax cuts will create jobs and raise wages, moving to blunt the chief criticism that Republicans’ proposed tax reforms would be a giveaway to the wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

The president went to the heart of a state that was key to his upset win in November to make the appeal to blue-collar workers and small-business owners.

“It will be rocket fuel for our economy,” he said on a stage surrounded by huge American flags in a hangar at an Air National Guard base just outside Harrisburg.

Mr. Trump described the tax cuts as the centerpiece of his economic plan, which he said was already working. Tax reform, he said, would kick the economy into overdrive. – READ MORE

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