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Trump Says Tracking System Is Necessary To Prevent Visa Overstays


Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Saturday reiterated his tough stance on immigration issues during a campaign speech in Des Moines, Iowa. In addition to his usual promise to build a massive border wall on the Mexican border, Trump pledged to develop a tracking system to make sure illegal immigrants who overstay their visas are deported from the United States.

After he recently signaled that he may be willing to soften his usually hardline views on immigration, some conservatives put Trump on blast for apparently flip-flopping on the issue. On Saturday, however, Trump reverted back to his signature bellicose tone. “These international gangs of thugs and drug cartels will be, I promise you, from the first day in office the first thing I’m going to do, the first piece of paper that I’m going to sign is we’re going to get rid of these people, day one, before the wall, before anything,” he said, according the Des Moines Register. – READ MORE

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