Trump renews calls for Mueller to investigate Clinton


President Trump on Sunday renewed his calls for special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

“No Collusion and No Obstruction, except by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats,” the president tweeted. “All of the resignations and corruption, yet heavily conflicted Bob Mueller refuses to even look in that direction. What about the Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok lies to Congress, or Crooked’s Emails!”

The tweet followed earlier posts on Sunday in which Trump attacked the “failing” New York Times for a report that he said implied White House counsel Don McGahn must be a “John Dean type ‘RAT.’ ” – READ MORE

Trump had ‘no problem’ with White House counsel’s testimony

Trump attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani refuted speculation Sunday that White House counsel Donald McGahn had flipped on President Trump, accusing “desperate” investigators of leaking information about the attorney’s cooperation with the special counsel in order to lure the president into a perjury trap.

“They’re down to desperation time,” Mr. Giuliani said on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “They have to write a report, and they don’t have a single bit of evidence.”


Mr. Giuliani said the president has “encouraged all the people who testified to tell the truth, to take as long as they needed to do that, and as long as they did, they’ll have no problem with the president or us.”

“And we have no reason to believe that Don McGahn didn’t do that,” he added.

He said the leak indicated that the Mueller team is panicking because “they know they don’t have a case, there was no collusion, there was no obstruction, they can’t prove it, and they are trying to get the president to testify,” Mr. Giulianitold Fox’s “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” – READ MORE

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