Trump Promises to ‘Look Into’ Twitter Shadow Banning: ‘Discriminatory and Illegal’


President Donald Trump promised to “look into” Twitter’s practice of “shadow banning” after a report from Vice News on Wednesday accused the company of suppressing the accounts of prominent Republicans.

“Twitter “SHADOW BANNING” prominent Republicans. Not good,” he said. “We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once! Many complaints.”

As perhaps the platform’s most prominent American conservative user, the matter is of close interest to Trump, whose early morning tweets often set the tone of a full day’s news cycle. – READ MORE


Twitter Has Denied Shadowbanning, Saying That The Apparent Suppression Of Autocomplete Search Suggestions For Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz Is An “error.”

A Twitter spokeswoman denied shadowbanning exists, and told Breitbart News that the issue with Matt Gaetz’s search results is being fixed:

As we have said before, we do not shadowban. We are aware that some accounts are not automatically populating in our search box, and [are] shipping a change to address this. The profiles, Tweets and discussions about these accounts do appear when you search for them.

Breitbart News contacted the office of Rep. Gaetz, which also commented on the suppression of the Congressman’s accounts:

Our office is aware of claims that Twitter has discriminated against multiple accounts maintained by Congressman Gaetz. We are investigating the depths and impact of these serious charges. It is curious that these allegations would arise the week following Congressman Gaetz’s heated exchange with Twitter senior executives before the House Judiciary Committee. Congressman Gaetz continues to believe that interactive computer services, such as Twitter, should not discriminate against content while simultaneously asserting that they are a nonbiased public forum under federal law. – READ MORE


Twitter’s censorship goes beyond just targeting pro-Trump accounts, they are now actually targeting lawmakers who support the President.

Last week, Rep. Gaetz shredded Twitter during a hearing about the censorship of conservatives on social media in the House Judiciary Committee. So now he’s wondering if this is why the social media giant moved to shadowban his account.- READ MORE

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