Trump on His Past Comments About John McCain: ‘I Say What I Say’ (VIDEO)


President Donald Trump is doubling down on his past criticisms of the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).

During Trump’s press briefing on Friday, ABC’s Jon Karl noted the president said in 2015 he did not think McCain was a hero, and he prefers “people who don’t get captured.”

He asked Trump if he regrets making those comments.

“I say what I say, and I never got along with John McCain. I disagreed with John McCain; you know that better than anybody, frankly,” Trump said.

He added, “I wasn’t a fan. I disagreed with many of his views. I disagreed with his views on these ridiculous, endless wars. I disagreed with the way he handled the vets, the V.A.” – READ MORE

Listen to the insightful Thomas Paine Podcast Below --

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