Trump Official Says ‘Illegal Immigrants Have No Constitutional Right To Abortion’


Trump official Scott Lloyd of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement has taken heavy heat since issuing a deposition this past December declaring that pregnant illegal immigrants have “no constitutional right to abortion.”

Last year, the controversy over illegal immigrants receiving abortions became a national conversation when an illegal teenage girl from Texas fought the Trump administration over her right to abort her 16-week-old baby, which the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals eventually granted. The administration was forced to provide her transport to a local abortion clinic where she could end the child’s life. Since then, the ACLU has been suing the federal government so that more illegal immigrants will be granted abortions with the government’s help.

According to The Hill, the ACLU hit at Scott Lloyd for his comments regarding the constitutional basis for illegal immigrants obtaining abortions:

In a deposition Lloyd gave in December, he replied “yes” when asked if he believed undocumented minors have “no constitutional right to abortion.”

The ACLU has battled the Trump administration over the policy, representing four pregnant undocumented minors who had been blocked from getting abortions.

In three cases, the girls were able to get abortions while the fourth was released to a sponsor.READ MORE

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