Trump Not Polling Well in PA? Think Again: In Democratic County He’s Thumping Hillary and It’s Simply Ugly


Two weeks ago True Pundit reported Hillary Clinton and her major PACs were pulling their ads in Pennsylvania because internal polling showed Donald Trump surging in the state.

Clinton’s campaign and Trump critics quickly countered that she was so far out front in the battleground state of Pennsylvania that they didn’t need to spend further resources in the Keystone State. Sounded plausible but since when does Hillary Clinton or her campaign tell the truth?

Now comes polling in Luzerne County, a key Pennsylvania county which voted for President Obama last round by 5% over Mitt Romney. According to summer polling by Axiom Strategies, Trump is thumping Clinton by 23 points in the county, which again, voted for the Democratic candidate in 2012. Even more alarming for Clinton, the two Congressional Districts that make up Luzerne County are collectively 57% Democrat vs 36% Republican.

Some simply ugly takeaways for Clinton in Axiom’s polling, which has a 2.3% margin of error, include:

Q: What is your opinion of Donald Trump?
Favorable: 54%
Unfavorable: 37%
No opinion: 9%
Q: What is your opinion of Hillary Clinton?
Favorable: 31%
Unfavorable: 61%
No opinion: 8%

Q: The likely candidates in the General Election for President of the United States are the Republican Donald Trump, the Democrat Hillary Clinton and the Libertarian Gary Johnson or someone else. If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?
Donald Trump: 55%
Hillary Clinton: 32%
Gary Johnson: 5%
Someone else: 3%
Undecided: 5%

Q: Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been subject to scandal over the years. Which candidate’s record is more damaging?
Hillary Clinton: 57%
Donald Trump: 31%
Equally damaging: 8%
Unsure: 4%



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