Trump Lawyer Asks Reporter Point Blank, ‘Are You On Drugs?’


A lawyer that represents President Donald Trump in the White House slammed a Business Insider reporter Saturday, asking if she was “on drugs.”

“Are you on drugs? Have you read anything else on this???” Cobb wrote to thereporter, according to a screenshot on Twitter.

The exchange took place after a back and forth between White House legal counsel Ty Cobb and Business Insider reporter Natasha Bertrand about a report on the ongoing investigation into the president’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey.

Bertrand reported that a letter Trump wrote in May that outlined the president’s reasons for firing Comey could be incriminating in an ongoing investigation led by FBI special counsel Robert Mueller. She wrote that White House Counsel Dave McGahn kept the letter from being sent out based on those concerns.

The article includes several hypothetical ways the president could be indicted if he fired Comey with any corrupt intent. Bertrand also claimed that Comey’s ouster was an unpopular decision among White House staffers, a claim that Cobb rebutted in the email exchange with the reporter.

“There was broad support and little IF ANY objection within the White House for the action in question which, as your earlier reporting OMITS, was precipitated by and immediately on the heels of Director Comey’s Congressional testimony,” Cobb rebutted.

Cobb’s comments came after Bertrand followed up on his response to a question about why the letter wasn’t actually sent to Comey. McGahn stopped the letter from being sent out, according to the BI report.

“Then why didn’t the president send the letter to Comey?” Bertrand asked. “If everyone around him took no issue with it as you said?”

“Are you on drugs? Have you read anything else on this???” the lawyer replied four minutes later, ending the conversation.

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