Donald Trump Jr. sent spitballs flying in response to Santa Barbara’s recently announced ban on plastic straws.

The Santa Barbara ordinance, passed last Tuesday, bans plastic straws in bars and restaurants — and authorizes the city to punish anyone found in violation of the ordinance with up to six months in jail or $1000 in fines per incident.

San Francisco and Seattle have also recently banned plastic drinking straws at restaurants and bars, but Santa Barbara has taken the measure to a whole new level — the fines implemented in Seattle top out at $250 per incident.- READ MORE


Washington, Dc — First Son Donald Trump Jr. Explained To Teens At Turning Point Usa’s Banquet Tuesday Night That His Mother Escaped Communist Czechoslovakia “for A Reason.”

It was near the end of a speech to the teens at the Trump Hotel in Washington, DC, that Trump told them of one of the greatest lessons he has ever learned.

He asked the crowd why no one under socialism has advocated for it. He spoke of his grandmother who grew up in what was communist Czechoslovakia. He said his grandfather took him there when he was young every summer for six or eight weeks and he learned what it was like, calling it one of the most important lessons he ever learned.

“I got to see the opposite of what I saw in this country,” said Trump. “I learned not to take all of our incredible freedoms … for granted,” and that it was not an easy lesson for the son of a billionaire from New York city. He spoke of his grandmother being in distress when she sees people advocating for socialism on the news.

“My mother escaped from it for a reason,” said Trump, adding that it didn’t offer her opportunities, but rather the exact opposite. – READ MORE

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