Trump Joins the Rest of the Internet in Mocking De Blasio’s WH Bid: ‘Dems Are Getting Another Beauty’


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio received a brutal welcome to the 2020 presidential primary after announcing his campaign Thursday morning.

De Blasio joined 23 other Democratic candidates in the race to take on President Donald Trump for his seat in the Oval Office. In his announcement video, de Blasio touted many of the far-left policies he pushed in New York City, including universal health care, mandated paid leave, and an increase to the minimum wage. He even bragged about his hotdog-banning Green New Deal.

Although de Blasio is clearly trying to position himself as a far-left candidate who can match President Trump’s New York attitude, it didn’t take hold following his announcement. The mayor was lit up on social media with no one pulling punches.

His potential opponent blasted him as the “worst mayor” in the country and told people to vote for him if they enjoy paying taxes and high crime rates. – READ MORE

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