Trump: ‘I Think I’ve Been Toned Down’ On Rhetoric; ‘I Could Really Tone It Up’


On Friday, as President Trump prepared to leave White House grounds for a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, a cadre of reporters asked him questions regarding his “rhetoric” as it relates to the recently-apprehended “mail bomber.”

As the president approached the reporters and came within distance of the microphones, he complimented law enforcement for “finding a needle in a haystack,” and congratulated multiple agencies, including the FBI and Secret Service, on a job well done.

The president then spoke briefly about the tight races in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate where it appears that Republicans might eke out a win.

As Trump was once again preparing to leave, a reporter asked him a question about toning down his rhetoric, to which he replied: “Well, I think I’ve been toned down, [if] you wanna know the truth. I could really tone it up because as you know, the media’s been extremely unfair to me and to the Republican Party.” – READ MORE


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