Trump Declares House Coronavirus Relief Bill Dead on Arrival


President Donald Trump says House Democrats’ $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill will not make it very far in the legislative process.

“It’s, as they say, D.O.A. Dead on arrival,” Trump said during a meeting with governors of Colorado and North Dakota on Wednesday.

He added, “Of course Nancy Pelosi knows that.”

Trump claimed the bill is a “voting package” that would hurt Republicans’ electoral chances, “They want to be able to make sure that Republicans can’t win an election by putting in all sorts of mail-in ballots.”

On Tuesday, House Democrats unveiled their new coronavirus relief that is estimated to cost $3 trillion. The bill would provide $1 trillion to state and local governments, direct payments to Americans of up to $6,000 per household, as well as $25 billion for the Post Office.  – READ MORE

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