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Trump could find himself in the same place as Robert Mueller and James Comey at FBI ceremony


President Donald Trump could soon be in the same room as the man who is investigating his election campaign and the man he fired as head of the FBI.

On September 28, the FBI will hold its installation ceremony for Christopher Wray, who was sworn in as the new director in August by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Because it is customary for the president of the United States and past FBI directors to attend such ceremonies, Trump could encounter former FBI Director James Comey, whom Trump fired, and Robert Mueller, the former FBI director who, as the Department of Justice’s special counsel, is now looking into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible coordination with the Trump campaign.

Trump could also encounter the FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe, whom the president incorrectly claimed received money from Hillary Clinton. (Two entities affiliated with Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, a Clinton ally, gave money to the state Senate campaign of McCabe’s wife.) Wray plans to keep McCabe as deputy director, an FBI spokesperson has told Newsweek.READ MORE

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