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Trump campaign, GOP targeted by hackers: Report


A staffer working for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had their email account compromised last year after being targeted in a cyber attack, Reuters reported Thursday.

The unidentified Trump staffer’s email account sent malicious emails to colleagues after becoming infected with malware in 2015, the newswire said, citing multiple sources.

It was not immediately clear if the person responsible was able to use the attack to further infiltrate Republican Party or Trump computers, but the revelation suggests hackers have set their sights on the GOP as well amid reports of a wide-ranging cyber campaign waged in recent months against Democratic officials and organizations.

U.S. intelligence officials have informally blamed the Russian government with recent computer intrusions of the Democratic National Committee and the party’s fundraising wing in the House, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

The FBI reportedly broadened its investigation of those attacks last week amid reports that more than 100 private email accounts belonging to Democratic lawmakers and organizations have been compromised by hackers, The New York Times reported. – READ MORE

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