Trump Breaks Rosie O’Donnell: Hollywood Flunky ‘Taps Out’


Just two days after Rosie O’Donnell offered a $4 million cash bribe to two GOP U.S. Senators to change their votes to oppose the Tax Cut bill, Rosie has apparently tapped out of social media and railing against the President.

And perhaps politics in general?

Strike up the band. Sounds like Trump broke Rosie. Again.

“Time to tap … out” she wrote in a cryptic Twitter post, citing “TrumpRussia” and other strange references including “EnoughisEnough” which could pertain to her hatred for President Donald Trump or perhaps her caloric intake.

The unemployed actress posted a picture of a distressed American flag on Twitter with paint running down the flag and the word “rape” which could reference the current Hollywood abuse scandals or how she treats a buffet.

America is still waiting for her arrest for bribing two federal elected officials.

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