Trump beat Hillary more than a year ago but the left can’t let it go – and it’s harming our country


It’s been over 20 months since President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the historic election of November 2016, but the left will not let it go and it’s doing great damage to our country.

From twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to former CIA Director John Brennan to actor Robert DeNiro to fake news, deranged leftists are determined to try to bring down a presidency. Their attacks are based on a false narrative and they don’t care if they tank our country and system of government in the process.

Just this past weekend, Hillary Clinton continued to question President Trump’s allegiance to America while speaking about his recent meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Clinton pushed the centerpiece of the Democratic agenda – Russia – when she disingenuously asked her audience: “Why didn’t he (Trump) stand up for our country? In this case it doesn’t seem like our president cares. He’s trying to be friends with Putin for reasons we are all trying to figure out.”

It’s a dangerous game being played by national Democratic leaders and it’s not without consequences. Whether it’s turning their backs on our police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents, or attempting to provoke a war with Russia, the Democrats have become totally unhinged.

Will any adults in the Democratic Party show some leadership and say it’s time to move past 2016 once and for all? Or will they continue their sad and destructive decline into Third World chaos and socialism?

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton is fueling the resistance and encouraging others to join in because she can’t get over losing, despite the fact that she pledged to accept the resultsof the election. It’s still all about Hillary – America be damned. – READ MORE


“So, this idea that somehow we are not sure where are our own president stands is deeply disturbing.”

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton bashed President Trump’s meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin calling it “alarming” and added that not knowing where Trump stood was “deeply disturbing,” while speaking at Ozy Fest in New York City on Saturday.

Clinton was remarking that Trump should have had a notetaker in his meeting with the Russian president because “Putin is basically telling the world what was decided.”. – READ MORE


Hillary Clinton bashed President Donald Trump during an appearance at Ozyfest on Saturday, “a two-day music and culture event sponsored by Ozy, a digital media organization.”

Yeah, that’s quite the outfit. Is it a “hospital gown”?READ MORE

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