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Trump adviser says Hillary Clinton should be ‘shot for treason’


An adviser to Donald Trump said Tuesday that Hillary Clinton should be “put in the firing line and shot for treason” over the attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans.

Al Baldasaro, a retired Marine, New Hampshire state representative and adviser to Trump on veterans issues, said on the “Jeff Kuhner Show” that Clinton is “the Jane Fonda of Vietnam,” referring to the anti-war actress’ visit to Hanoi that many said was traitorous.

“I’m a veteran that went to Desert Shield, Desert Storm. I’m also a father who sent his son to war to Iraq,” Baldasaro said on the radio show. “Hillary Clinton to me is the Jane Fonda of the Vietnam. She is a disgrace. The lies that she told those mothers about their children that got killed over there in Benghazi, she dropped the ball on over 400 emails requesting back security. Something’s wrong there.

“This whole thing disgusts me. Hillary Clinton should be put in the firing line and shot for treason,” he continued. – READ MORE

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