Trump Adviser: ‘Fate of the Nation Hinges’ on Pivotal Moment in Border Crisis


National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow hammered home the crisis at the southern border as the government remains partially shut down, saying the “fate of the nation hinges” on this pivotal moment.

Kudlow referred to the president’s Saturday “very strong statement” and offer to Democrats as he spoke with reporters Tuesday in the White House briefing room:

We’re waiting for Democrats to come to the table and shoulder their share of the negotiation. With respect to border security and the wall, with respect to the social problems, the drug problems, the criminal problems — you know all about this — the economic problems down at the border, we have to solve this.

He called the president “a hundred percent right” when it comes to the problem at the southern border. “Really the fate of the nation hinges on this. This is a pivotal moment. I will acknowledge there are hardships.”

“[President Trump has] put a very strong statement on the table and it’s time for Democrats to come negotiate with him,” said Kudlow. – READ MORE

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