Trump Admin Has Argued the Wall Would Pay for Itself — Study Shows It Would Do That and Then Some


An analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) estimated last week that President Donald Trump’s border wall would only need to stop a small percentage of illegal crossings to pay for itself over the course of the next decade.

Using figures from the National Academies of Sciences and the Institute for Defense Analyses, CIS calculated how much each illegal immigrant cost the United States over their average lifespan.

It found that Trump’s border wall would only need to stop 3 to 4 percent of future illegal entries — or 60,000 illegal immigrants — over a decade to cover the $5 billion price tag Trump announced.

Read the analysis below:

If the number of illegal crossing in 2018 was to continue for the next 10 years, the lifetime net fiscal drain from the 1.7 to two million new illegal immigrants would be $140 billion to $164 billion — $82,191 multiplied by the cost of each successful crosser. For a wall costing $5 billion to pay for itself, it would have to stop or deter 3 to 4 percent (about 60,000) of the expected successful illegal crossers over the next decade. – READ MORE


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