Trump: A ‘third-world country’ tries to impeach leaders who haven’t done ‘anything wrong’ (VIDEO)


President Trump suggested that the United States would turn into a “third-world country” if Democrats tried to impeach him should they regain control of the House, because he has not done “anything wrong.”

“You’ll have a country that’s going to turn into a third-world country because if the opposite party becomes president, every time before it even starts, before you even found out whether or not he or she is going to do a great job, they’ll say, ‘We want to impeach him,'” Trump said at a campaign rally in Montana on Thursday.

“If that happened, every time a Republican or a Democrat — opposite — got elected president — let’s say a Democrat gets elected … and let’s say we have a Republican House. We will impeach that Democrat, right?” Trump said, warning against the idea. – READ MORE


Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) grabbed a bullhorn during an event over the weekend and inadvertently revealed his plan for when Democrats finally take control of Congress: impeachment. And “the sooner, the better.”

Schumer made the off-the-cuff comment during a Labor Day parade in Brooklyn, Fox News reports, after being asked about impeachment by a bystander.

“When are y’all going to impeach Trump?” someone lined up against the parade barrier can be heard shouting at Schumer, who is holding a bullhorn.

“The sooner the better,” Schumer replied enthusiastically. – READ MORE

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