Trump 2020 Campaign Plan to Hold Battleground States with Message of Thriving Economy


Trump campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany told Breitbart’s Washington editor Matt Boyle on Sirius XM’sBreitbart News Saturday that the president’s re-election team will hold down the key battleground states of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania in 2020 by clearly articulating the Trump administration’s accomplishments in creating a thriving economy.

That message, she noted, will resonate with voters who have seen the return of a half a million manufacturing jobs, a consequence of the Trump administration’s economic policies. Polls, she added, show that residents of red states embrace capitalism and reject socialism pushed by leftists driving the Democratic party’s agenda.

With the economy doing well, McEnany noted, immigration is poised to become a top issue in the 2020 presidential election campaign.

“Yesterday there was a poll out of Harvard/Harris showing that 56 percent of voters say we have a crisis on the southern border. Now that you have the vast majority of Americans saying there’s a crisis on the border, and meanwhile you have Democrats saying ‘abolish ICE, tear down the wall, decriminalize border crossing,’ all of a sudden I think that immigration is going to rise up to be an issue of incredible importance now that the economy is well,” McEnany said.

“It does show, in political history, when the economy is doing well people tend to take it for granted and other issues tend to rise to the top in importance, and I think immigration will be among them,” she added. – READ MORE

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