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Triggered By Trump: The Unbelievably Satisfying Meltdown of Lena Dunham


Hollywood elite Lena Dunham is not only in shock and suffering from a wicked case of the sadz, but she’s fighting-mad that Hillary And #Her Uterus actually lost the presidential election on Tuesday night. And it couldn’t be more satisfying or hilarious.

Here’s why: Dunham’s response to the stunning defeat of Hillary Clinton is not one of acceptance, nor tolerance, nor self-reflection. No, Dunham reacted by doing what she always does: calling any and everyone racist and sexist and every other “ist” you can think of.

In other words, the moronic feminist who has spent her entire adult life dehumanizing the unborn, bashing straight white men, non-feminist women and all those who have the audacity to disagree with her as racist, sexist, self-loathing, xenophobic, homophobic garbage is coping with the Donald Trump victory by merely doubling-down on her antics, because that makes sense. – READ MORE

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