Trevor Noah Defends Looting: ‘Police in America Are Looting Black Bodies’


Comedy Central host Trevor Noah is defending the looting taking place in Minneapolis and other cities across America in reaction to the death of George Floyd, saying that black people are simply reacting to how they’ve been treated by society at large.

The Daily Show comedian also blamed the police for the large scale rioting and looting. “Police are looting black bodies,” he said.

The comedian argued that this week’s riots really began with Amy Cooper, the Central Park dog walker who was caught on camera threatening to call the police on a black man. The video went viral and caused Cooper, who is white, to lose her executive job at the financial services company Franklin Templeton.

“Amy Cooper was for many people, I think, the catalyst,” said Noah, in a nearly 20-minute YouTube monologue posted Friday in which he rambled at length about social contracts, the coronavirus, race relations, and failures of law enforcement. “I think Amy Cooper was one of the first dominoes that we saw get knocked down post-coronavirus.” – READ MORE

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