Treasure Hunters Claim Pennsylvania State Officials Blocking Dig for Lost Civil War Gold


Treasure hunters on the trail of a lost Civil War gold shipment claim they have discovered the fortune in a remote location of Pennsylvania, but state and federal authorities have blocked them from digging it up, reports say.

The treasure hunters, calling themselves Finders Keepers, claim to have found the gold buried in a state-owned forest at Dents Run, 135 miles northeast of Pittsburgh. However, state officials have denied permission for the group to dig at the location, the Associated Press reported.

Still, authorities appear to take the claims seriously because on March 13, state officials and the FBI accompanied the group to Dents Run and set up a post. Neither authorities nor the treasure hunters are revealing what is transpiring, however. Indeed, Finders Keepers owner Dennis Parada insisted the FBI had him under forced silence.

The only public comment by the FBI is that it is conducting “court-authorized” activity with its participation in the mysterious activity. – READ MORE

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