‘TREASON’: Rep. Chris Stewart Lambastes Andrew McCabe For Push To Oust Trump (VIDEO)


It was revealed on Thursday that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe reportedly told “60 Minutes” interviewer Scott Pelley that there were talks about removing President Donald Trump from office via the 25th Amendment among him and other Justice Department officials. The talks came soon after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey, who was widely ridiculed by partisans on both the Left and Right.

Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) appeared on Fox News following the bombshell report and laid into McCabe for engaging in actions that the congressman likened to a “coup” and to attempted “treason.”

“What I think we have to ask ourselves, is: How in the world was this man the Acting Director of the FBI when he exercised this kind of judgment?” said the GOP rep.

“An individual who seriously said, we should implement the 25th Amendment, which is essentially a coup. I mean, it’s essentially treason to say, we’re gonna remove this president — based on what? Based on nothing,” he continued.

“And that is the person who is Acting Director of the FBI on Comey’s recommendation,” Stewart added. “It brings into question every other subsequent investigation.” – READ MORE

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