Transgender cycling champ: Excluding trans women from women’s sports is like excluding black women from women’s sports


Rachel McKinnon — a biological male who transitioned to female andplaced first in a women’s cycling world championship in October — has been making more headlines of late.

Earlier this week, McKinnon blasted former swimmer Sharron Davies — who won an Olympic silver medal for Great Britain in 1980 — for daring to say that “those with a male sex advantage” shouldn’t be allowed to compete in women’s sports. McKinnon tweeted that Davies is “transphobic” — and in a separate tweet accused the former Olympian of “sharing hate speech.”

McKinnon also called Martina Navratilova “transphobic” in the wake of the tennis legend’s op-ed saying that transgender women competing against biological women is “insane and cheating.” Navratilova — a lesbian — was booted from an LGBTQ advocacy group over her comments.

On the heels of ripping Davies and Navratilova, McKinnon — who’s also a philosophy professor at the College of Charleston in South Carolina — added a doozy: Excluding transgender women from women’s sports is akin to excluding black women from women’s sports.

While some Twitter users supported McKinnon’s declaration, others weren’t buying it.- READ MORE

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