TRAGEDY: CNN Weeps For 26-Year-Olds Who Will No Longer Be On Their Parents’ Health Insurance


On Thursday, CNN lamented the challenges faced by fully grown people who can no longer rely on mommy and daddy for their health insurance. Here was the nutty CNN headline:

CNN reports:

A new crop of young people like Moniot are falling off their parents’ insurance plans when they turn 26 — the age when the Affordable Care Act stipulates that children must leave family policies. They were then expected to be able to shop relatively easily for their own insurance on Obamacare marketplaces. But with Trump administration revisions to the law and congressional bills injecting uncertainty into state insurance markets, that task of buying insurance for the first time this year is anything but simple.

Pity the poor 26-year-olds who can’t call an insurance broker. They might have to make — no, it cannot be! — decision for themselves.

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