Top FBI Spill DISTURBING Beans on Massive Clinton Crime Cartel — How Much Tax Money Did Bill & Hillary Steal & Where Did it All Go?


Just how much money did the Clinton Foundation and its criminal cartel of bogus subsidiaries steal from U.S. taxpayers and unsuspecting dupes worldwide? And where did all the hordes of illicit cash go?

Top FBI and federal law enforcement insiders were investigating what amounted to a Clinton-backed crime spree but were told to stand down by Attorney General William Barr. These agents may have stopped the official probe but that is not stopping high-ranking personnel from spilling the beans to Thomas Paine, detailing how the Clinton Foundation ripped off taxpayers amd many many other entities worldwide. The Clinton’s should be in prison, federal law enforcement insiders attest. There is no doubt. How big is this criminal enterprise? Thomas Paine breaks down the dirt insiders are dishing on the new episode of the Thomas Paine Podcast and on the Moore Paine Show on Patreon. This is a massive scheme and the cover up is even bigger than the cartel. (Listen Below)

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